Services are available from today until 01 Apr. 2021 - 31 Dec. 2024

You can send the diagnosis result to the hospital for consideration first without extra pay.


- This price is same for thais and foreigners.

- Price (includes surgery doctor and service fee)

- Not includes check-up before and after surgery (occurrence of complications case)

- The hospital reserves the right to change the conditions without prior notice.


What prices are there before the operation package?

1. See a specialist First, evaluate your problems and body before surgery 700-1,000 Baht (If no additional testing of any specialty equipment is conducted)

2. Preoperative evaluation, If the patient has no underlying disease 2,000-5,000 Baht. In case the patient has an underlying disease, the cost may be higher.

3. COVID-19 Antigen Test (ATK) before  having the surgery 1,000 Baht (Patients who are considered to be at risk should have COVID-19 testing by RT-PCR 1,500 Baht. Send for a test based on the doctor's judgment.)

4. The Doctor will schedule a follow-up consultation to monitor symptoms and check for anomalies. Alternately, examine the surgical incision to determine whether an infection or side effect is present 700 - 1,000 Baht (excludes the price of any additional equipment and medications.)


Service step

1 Step : Please Making appointment before receiving service From Line Official : @petcharavej.The staff makes appointments and is a personal assistant for service.

2 Step : Bring your ID card contact at  Premium Clinic counter 16 Floor, Building A,


In the case that the service recipient has life insurance coverage


- Check the benefits from your insurance card before receiving the service. (Please prepare your ID card, insurance card, or policy number).

Consult an admin.


- Meet a doctor by appointment to diagnose symptoms.


- In the case of receiving Package IPD (Inpatient), the officer checks the life insurance limit.

More information

- Premium Clinic 16 Floor, A Building

- Consult or appointment : LINE @petcharavej click

Services are available from 01 Apr. 2021 - 31 Dec. 2024

Symptoms of tonsillitis

The symptoms of this disease can be clearly observed through disorders of the throat, including

  • Having severe throat pain for a long time.
  • Difficulty swallowing. If swallowing, there will be pain in the throat.
  • Change of voice, such as hoarseness, etc.
  • Foul mouth.
  • The tonsils have red swelling. And there are spots or thin layers on the tonsils.


In addition, other symptoms can be observed, including

  • Fever, headache
  • Earache
  • In young children, abdominal pain may also occur


Tonsil surgery

As we already know, tonsils are responsible for the elimination of various pathogens in the body. If the tonsils become so chronic that they can not build immunity anymore. The tonsils will become a Accumulation of pathogens by default. Surgery is another way to treat tonsillitis. The doctor will consider the surgery in the following cases.

  • Patients have a symptoms many time to tonsil or having chronic symptoms Until affecting everyday life such as snoring, symptoms of sleep apnea etc.
  • Patients have a occasion to tonsil cancer or lymphoma.
  • Patients ever have abscesses in tonsils before.

Tonsillectomy Recuperate 3 day 2 night
Check up list

Operating room, recovery room, medical supplies, surgical drugs, operative medical team, anesthetists
Only related to the specified surgery only.

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