Maternity and antenatal program

Maternity and antenatal program
Services are available from today until 01 Feb. 2024 - 31 Jul. 2024
  • - The payment of the maternity program fee must be in accordance with the hospital's conditions only.


  • - In case of requesting to move to give birth to another hospital, the maternity fee will not be refunded from Petcharavej Hospital.


  • - In case of antenatal care is not completed reserve the right to refund.


  • - In the event that the patient wishes to request a special service that is not included in the program, the actual price will be calculated.


  • - The hospital reserves the right to change the conditions without prior notice.


  • - For this program KTC and Bangkok Bank credit cardholders can pay 0% for 3 months (For foreigners, full payment before entering the maternity or antenatal program.)



Step Service


1 Step : Please Making appointment before receiving service From Line Official : @petcharavej.The staff makes appointments and is a personal assistant for service.

2 Step :  Bring your ID card contact at  Premium Clinic counter 16 Floor, Building A,

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Online contact 


Consult or appointment : LINE @petcharavej (click) 

Maternity and antenatal program
Services are available from 01 Feb. 2024 - 31 Jul. 2024

Can you choose natural delivery or cesarean section ? 


For new beginner mother who don't have experience to maternity. May be have some question I should natural birth or cesarean section ? but in truth for the decisions must passed a diagnosis from a doctor first due to maternity is important for mother and child Therefore it should not make decisions without advice or opinions from gynecologist.

Check up list
  1. Pregnancy examination and advice from obstetricians 10 times
  2. CBC
  3. ABO blood group
  4.  Rh typing
  5. Anti-Rubella IgG
  6. HBV prevac 
  7. Anti-HIV 
  8. VDRL 
  9. Protein & Sugar
  10. Hemoglobin typing
  11. DCIP (Thalassemia Screening)     
  12. OF (Thalassemia Screening)
  13. Glucose   
  14. Glucose tolerance test       
  15. Ultrasound Lower 2 time
  16. Tetanus vaccine 2 dose
  17. Dispense pregnant and calcium medication 10 times
20000 บาท