Ladies's program

Ladies's program
Services are available from today until 01 Jun. 2020 - 31 Dec. 2023
  • - This price shown is included the Doctor's Fee and Service Fee.
  • - The service can be used until 31 Oct. 2023



Step Service


1 step : Buying package or Making appointment.


2 step : Please bring your ID card to the counter at Premium Clinic , Floor 16, Building A





  • - Cervical cancer screening waiting the result 7-14 days.


  • - If you have a period, you should wait 5-7 days for the end of your period before you receive the Cervical cancer screening.

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Consult or appointment : LINE @petcharavej (click) 

Ladies's program
Services are available from 01 Jun. 2020 - 31 Dec. 2023

What age should get the HPV vaccine?


  • Girl should get the vaccine on age range 9-26 year old. (the best period because it can reduce the chance of infection at a high level)



Why should women under the age of 26 or never had sex should get the HPV vaccine?


  • The vaccine is most effective in the age range 9-26 year old, before sexual activity has commenced and when the body produces more antibodies.



Why should ultrasound Uterus and Ovarian? 



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  2. Thin Prep
  3. Outpatient services (OPD)
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