HPV Vaccine Package

HPV Vaccine Package
Services are available from today until 26 Jun. 2023 - 31 Dec. 2024
  • - This price shown is included the Doctor's Fee and Service Fee.


  • - The customer that need to receive HPV vaccine must be wait 1 weeks for the end of your period before you receive the HPV vaccine


  • - HPV vaccine must be completed in all 3rd dose, including 1st : vaccinated on the selected date, 2nd : after the first dose 2 month, 3rd : after the first dose 6 month.
  • - The service can be used until 31 Dec. 2024



Step Service


1 step : Buying package or Making appointment.


2 step : Please bring your ID card to the counter at Premium Clinic, Floor 16, Building A.

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Online contact


Consult or appointment : LINE @petcharavej

HPV Vaccine Package
Services are available from 26 Jun. 2023 - 31 Dec. 2024

Can men get HPV?


Males can also be infected with the virus, as there are more than 150 strains of the virus. There are strains that can be infected in men. It can be infected through sexual intercourse or caused by direct contact with the virus. The virus can cause cancer of various organs, such as anal cancer, throat cancer and mouth cancer, etc. It can also cause warts.

HPV (Human papilloma virus) - Quadrivalent vaccine / Price (includes doctor and service fee)
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