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Health check-up is the examination of the body to identify risk factors or abnormalities that may lead to disease and to plan for prevention. The Petcharavej Hospital Health Check-up Center is a center that elevates confidence in the body, providing services for care and examination of various points throughout the body with medical technology and health experts.


Services for health check-up include


  • Vaccinations for disease prevention, such as HPV vaccine, tetanus vaccine, pneumonia vaccine, Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis, pertussis vaccine, flu vaccine, and hepatitis B vaccine

  • Health check-up before starting work or school

  • Health check-up before marriage or entering into a romantic relationship/Child bearing preparation

  • Annual health check-up for all age groups

  • Screening for various diseases, such as hepatitis B, thyroid disease, diabetes, lung cancer, other types of cancer, kidney disease, brain disease Heart disese and Sexal handsmitted disease

  • Women's health check-up, including cervical cancer screening, HPV vaccination, and ultrasound for ovaries and uterus.


Our health check-up services focus on value, both in terms of price and the types of tests offered. We provide customized packages based on various symptoms and age ranges, which can be checked through the “Health Check-up Program”. Alternatively, if you prefer to choose your own specific tests, you can create a custom check-up list using the “Create Your Own Check-up” option.


Our hospital has efficient and effective health check-up laboratories equipped with comprehensive medical technology to manage test results. We continuously upgrade our systems to keep up with modern times and improve our management capabilities


1. In the blood collection system, we have upgraded our blood collection room with the Auto Blood Collection System (ABS) program to make the work process more efficient and comply with JCI standards, which are as follows


  • Patient demographic information can be obtained by connecting to the hospital's database system to verify patient information for patient identification purposes.

  • The queue system can be managed by printing queue cards for blood collection services.

  • Patient identification can be confirmed by checking patient information and recording the confirmation.

  • The automatic blood tube preparation machine can be connected to print barcode stickers and attach them to the tubes, or a barcode printer can be used to print them.

  • In case a service station is not ready, the program can return the queue number to the system, so that staff from other stations can call the patient for service.

  • Backtracking and problem-solving can be recorded and analyzed to improve service quality, including the creation of statistical reports.

  • Data security system is in place to protect the information access.

2. Our Central Laboratory has a more advanced laboratory testing system with the cobas pro (CCE) machine, an automated chemistry analyzer for clinical chemistry and immunoassay consolidation that is modern, as well as the development of IT systems from the IT5000 system to cobas INFINITY, which is the first in Thailand.


cobas infinity IT solutions is a laboratory system program that installs computer database infrastructure and has data management systems before analysis, such as data recording, patient data search, and test request. In addition, it has data management systems for the testing process, such as result recording, result certification, and connection to automatic testing machines. It also has data management systems for post-analysis processes, such as result printing, returning results to HIS system, and result search, following ISO 13485 standards.


3. The Molecular Laboratory at Phetkasem Hospital has previously conducted molecular tests such as HIV viral load. However, the hospital has now developed the Molecular Laboratory with the CAP/CTM48 system.


4. Water System: Phetkasem Hospital has upgraded the laboratory water system to a higher level of quality by implementing a system that produces high-quality pure water for use in high-end chemistry laboratories and analytical tools. This system is capable of producing water of higher quality or equivalent quality to water that meets the CLRW (Clinical Laboratory Reagent Water) standard.


5. Lab performance


  • TAT Monitoring: With the Auto-Verification system, the time that laboratory staff need to check test results is reduced, resulting in faster TAT (Turnaround Time).

  • Improving the time required for maintenance and repairs of laboratory equipment to be faster.


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Health Check-up Procedure
  1. Register at the health check-up center.

  2. Measure blood pressure, weight, and eye check (if applicable).

  3. Blood sampling/urine/stool (if applicable). In case of an ultrasound scan for the lower abdomen/whole abdomen (should collect urine after the examination is completed).

  4. Electrocardiogram (if applicable).

  5. Chest X-ray/abdominal ultrasound, mammogram + breast ultrasound (if applicable).

  6. Cervical cancer screening (if applicable).

  7. Other additional examinations (if applicable).

  8. Physical examination by a physician.

  9. Payment.


Health check-up is considered an investment worth doing because it can detect diseases that may be hidden in our body, and some diseases may not show symptoms yet. Early detection through regular check-ups can prevent future health risks and lead to a happy and healthy life.


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