Motor Vehicle Act

Unexpected accidents can happen to anyone, and that's why Petcharavej Hospital has an emergency medical team ready to provide services 24 hours a day without any advance payment required. The hospital provides emergency ambulances with specialized medical teams to transport and treat patients who are injured or in critical condition around the clock.


What is theMotor Vehicle Act?


The Motor Vehicle Act is a mandatory law that everyone must have if they own a vehicle for the purpose of protection and assistance in the event of an accident. The injured party will receive immediate compensation of 30,000 baht (maximum coverage of 80,000 baht if proven to be not at fault). This right can be exercised as long as the vehicle's Motor Vehicle Act registration is not expired.
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  • With fast diagnostic services and an emphasis on treatment efficiency

  • Service users do not have to worry about treatment costs and prioritize patient safety over patient rights

  • Whether right or wrong, those who use the services at Petcharavej Hospital will receive protection up to a limit of 30,000 baht immediately without having to reserve payment

  • In all road accidents, there is a specialized medical and nursing team that provides 24-hour patient transport and care for the injured.



Misunderstanding about the Motor Vehicle Act


Some people may think that the Motor Vehicle Act is meant for paying taxes, but in fact, it is meant to protect drivers in case of accidents. This depends on the nature and circumstances of the accident. Furthermore, many people are unsure about the difference between car insurance and the Motor Vehicle Act. The answer is that the Motor Vehicle Act is a type of car insurance that the state requires, while car insurance is another type that we can choose to have or not, such as insurance policies like Class 1 or Class 2 that we may have heard of.



Documents for Motor Vehicle Act entitlement


  •  Notification letter or report filed with the police station as evidence
  • Copy of the vehicle registration certificate and tax report, or a copy of the sales contract
  • Copy of the ID card of the person involved in the accident, or a death certificate




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